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For engagement sessions that are part of the wedding package see below.

For engagement sessions that are not part of a wedding package see the “Portraits” page.



Wedding Package Includes:

Me and My Honey (2 shooters)
Our artistic eyes, our ideas, our coaching. Together we will capture the day for you… with two of us we can get the groom and brides point of view, as well as getting 2 different perspectives.

Engagement Shoot
The wedding package will include an engagement session prior to the wedding day. You can expect to get 50 images hand color corrected and enhanced to be used for a wedding slide show, invitations, gifts, etc. all on CD.

50+ Hand Color Corrected Images on USB
From the hundreds of images we capture we will review each and every one looking for those that jump out at us (this is our favorite part of processing your pictures!). We then color correct them and add artistic enhancements to create priceless images for enlargements, albums, gifts, etc.

Hundreds of Wedding Images on USB
You will also get hundreds of color corrected images on USB taken at the wedding and reception.  Usually between 750 – 1800 in all.

Travel Expenses
Travel cost will be added to total cost of wedding session if travel time exceeds 1 hr. driving or any air travel/hotel expense.

Well, maybe not fame, but attention… on my blog of course, unless you are the shy type that doesn’t want that.:)

Email me at or call me at 253-686-5015 for current pricing.

Note: If you have needs/suggestions that are not mentioned on this page, I would be happy to customize this offer for you.