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Location: Tacoma, WA

PORTRAITS – Seniors, Families, Maternity, Engagements, etc

I know the first thing I would want to know if I was hiring a photographer is “what do I get?”

Well, you get the following…

Me and Sometimes Even My Honey (assistant)
My artistic eye, my ideas, my coaching, and sometimes my interesting and funny husband (he is really good with the kids).

On Location Photography
I will drive within 1 hour of my home town of Tacoma, WA to the location(s) of your choice and if you don’t know I will help you choose just the right spot(s) for your session. We can make almost any location work! Think out of the box and let’s have some fun!

2 Hours on Day of Shoot
This does not include the driving time to and from the location, but does include the driving time between locations.

Wardrobe Changes
You are welcome to bring props or wardrobe changes! The only catch is that you will most likely need to change in the car and the time to change is included in the 2 hours. Be creative and bring extras just in case. Don’t know what to wear, I will send you some suggestions to help make your images stand out!

50 Hand Color Corrected and Enhanced Images on CD (with a print release)
I take LOTS of pictures! Why not, right! Well, from the hundreds of images I capture I will review each and every one looking for those that jump out at me (this is my favorite part of processing your pictures!).  I will share them with you and then you get to pick your favorites. I take great care in making your images the best they can be and will retouch each of your favorites for you.

4×6 print of the 50 images
This way you can show your friends, without being in front of a computer and get a real feel for what they look like when they are printed.

Well, maybe not fame, but attention… on my blog of course, unless you are the shy type that doesn’t want that. :)

Add Ons and Alternates also available:

Hair and Makeup
I work with several local artist and can recommend the right person for you.  Extra cost applied.

 Split sessions
This allows for a change in hair style and/or city/location when locations are just not close enough to each other to do in one session.  Extra cost applied.

Smaller sessions
For families only, I do offer 1 hour session. Email for more details.

Please email me at or call me at 253-686-5015 for currant rates and specials. Thanks!

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